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Gameplay is mainly single-player and co-op. The co-op mode is not traditional, and the game is designed so that the player can pick up or leave the co-op session anytime during gameplay. A player can decide to play the game alone, in co-op with their friends, or with an AI partner. In co-op mode, the player chooses a partner from a list of AI-controlled characters, and the two work cooperatively to complete puzzles or defeat enemies. Alternatively, a player may select the same AI partner as they did in the single player game. In addition, the player has the ability to play on their own, although at times the narrative can still proceed through the eyes of another person. The game's AI is unpredictable, giving the player a great degree of control over the companion's actions. The game includes a tutorial which teaches the player how to handle the controls and use the available gadgets. The game features three modes: The first is a story mode that follows the main character, Navi, as she traverses the heart of a mysterious civilization called the Old Home. It begins during an invasion of the Old Home in the year 2465 and continues, in chronological order, up to the present day. A second mode is a puzzle-centric single-player campaign. The game allows players to replay the campaign mode anytime as many times as they wish. The game includes a co-op mode, in which the player and the AI partner work together to complete puzzles and defeat enemies. A third mode is the Mass Effect Games, an online game in which players can play cooperatively in an online environment and use their own custom-built characters. The year 2465 is a time of crisis for the human race. The Reapers, a race of gigantic robotic lifeforms, are preparing to invade the galaxy in their seemingly unstoppable war machines. The Alliance and the Galactic Senate have united to protect the galaxy, the only force capable of defeating the Reapers. Facing the threat of annihilation, humanity has created the Mass Effect trilogy, an intergalactic space opera with a popular science fiction setting and gameplay. The game features the same characters and enemies from previous games, with a new story that draws upon elements from the previous games in the series. Players can explore the galaxy and its vast number of planets, and also interact with characters who live in the Mass Effect universe. The characters are voiced and

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